In this article, I will explain how I” ve designed the entire onboarding flow and my process, design decisions, and logic behind the decisions.

What's LogIQids 🤔

It's India's 1st brain training app for kids grade senior KG- to 9

It is designed to develop mental aptitude in kids. By engaging kids in brain teasers, our mind games help enhance various critical skill-sets like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity

Objectives 🎯

Post sign up

  • To give a better preview of what the…

A story of how I made the Virtual Classroom experience more fun and engaging for the students in grades 1–5

Design brief

To design an online classroom space by gamifying the experience and enhancing engagement by making learning fun and accessible

It consists of the following elements and sections

  • Leaderboard
  • Activity-based information

What is Petofy?

Petofy is an aggregator platform for everything your pet needs. It connects pet owners with pet service providers helping them find all services in one digital platform.

Why rebranding

  • Want to reposition and communicate their core values crystal clear like who they are and what values do they provide.


This blog is…

Academic course

Project outline

Duration - 1 month

Faculty guidance — Ankur Khare

Project objective

To understand the right prototyping process and decision-making involved behind each product in the stage of prototyping.


Choosing product

Taking measurement

Orthographics view

Choosing the material

Understanding material properties

Building froms

Choosing product

Keeping the process in mind I had planned…

Why logo design is important ?

Imagine if there were only text and no logos how difficult it would be to select or distinguish between other application

Our eyes are good at tracking visuals graphics as compared with reading different words.

A company with a good design logo shows an identification and brand stamp which goes…

Mohd Bilal

Product designer

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